What Is the Most Attractive Nose Shape?

Did you know some nose shapes are considered more attractive than others? One of these is the upturned nose, which has an upturned tip and is relatively small in size. Another popular nose is the straight nose, which is symmetrical and classic looking. Finally, many people find noses with a slight bump to be quite attractive as well.

What makes the most beautiful noses means something different to everyone. Studies show that having the perfect nose shape is about balance and proportion. As well as how well the nose shape suits the rest of a person’s features. Ultimately, personal preference decides what is the most attractive nose shape.


Of all types of nose shapes, some are natural, and some are a result of surgery. It’s important to have a good understanding of a person’s face before deciding to have surgery. Rhinoplasty and nose tip surgery are popular surgical solutions to create the perfect nose.

What Makes Different Nose Shapes


There are big differences in the shapes of noses among human populations. This is due to genetics and ethnicity. For example, African American noses tend to be wide and flat. And Caucasian noses are usually narrower with a higher bridge. Asian noses are also flatter than Caucasian noses and have a lower nose bridge.

Variations in the nose tip, the nose bridge and the nostril size create different nose shapes. The nose tip can be upturned, downturned, bulbous or pointed. The nose bridge can be high or low, and the nostrils can flare or be narrow.

Noses can also vary in size. Some people have large noses, while others have small ones. The size of a person’s nose depends on the cartilage and bone that make up the nose.

There are a variety of nose shapes, and everyone has their own unique nose shape. Some nose shapes are more popular than others. Ultimately, it is up to each individual to decide what nose shape they think is the most attractive.

Different types of nose shapes can be seen in the above nose shapes chart.

What Is the Perfect Nose Shape?


There is no one perfect nose shape, as each person’s face is unique. However, there are certain features that are generally considered more attractive than others. For example, the best noses are well-proportioned to the rest of the face and have a smooth, symmetrical appearance.

Pretty Noses for Women

When women consider nose surgery, generally they want a thin nose with a delicate tip. Many women prefer to have cute noses – this is often a smaller nose tip with a slight upturn. This is the button nose shape or the perfect button nose. Remember, a natural perfect nose is one that is in proportion with the rest of the face.

Ideal Nose Shape for Men

On the contrary, an overly small or pointy nasal tip doesn’t tend to suit men. Instead, men prefer to have a straight nose, similar to that of a greek nose shape. This ideal nose is identifiable by its straight bridge and narrow nostrils. Particularly for men, the nose angle between the base of the nose and the tip is most desirable at an angle of 90 degrees.

‘Imperfect’ Nose Features

While this is a subjective topic and will differ based on your ideals of beauty, many of Dr Doyle’s patients seek rhinoplasty to treat a:

Some people may find these features attractive, while others may not. It’s all a matter of opinion.

And, if you’re unhappy with your nose shape, achieving the perfect nose shape is possible with nose surgery.

If you are considering surgery, be sure to discuss your goals and expectations with Dr Doyle so he can help you achieve the look you desire. A specialist plastic surgeon like Dr Doyle can help you get a natural-looking result. And this is true for all nose shapes. The surgery can help improve the appearance of your nose while still keeping your facial features in balance.

Nose Profile: Definition and Types


The nose profile refers to the shape of the outline of the nose bridge. This includes both the height and width of the bridge, as well as any curves or angles in its appearance. Nice noses tend to have delicate nose profiles that are not overly harsh or sharp for the face.

Good nose shapes are ones that improve the overall balance and appearance of the face. There is a delicate balance between the different structures of the nose, which creates the nasal profile. This has been studied by artists and surgeons throughout history.

Perfect Nose Profile

The perfect nose side profile is one that is smooth and doesn’t protrude too far from the face. Usually, the perfect upturned nose is most preferred by women.

The ideal nose shape can be measured from different angles. And, the shape of your nose is mostly based on four angles.

Nasofrontal (Radix Angle)

– The angle between your nose and forehead.

nasofrontal angle

For example, a nose with a high nasofrontal angle will have a more pronounced bridge, while a nose with a low nasofrontal angle will have a flatter bridge.

Nasofacial (Frontal Facial Angle)

– The angle between your nasal base and your upper lip.

nasofacial angle

This angle measures nasal prominence. A more prominent nose will have a higher nasofacial angle, while a less prominent nose will have a lower nasofacial angle.

Nasolabial (Alar Facial Angle)

– The angle between the nose tip and upper lip.

nasolabial angle

This angle determines the shape of your alar (or nostril) base. An upturned nose will have a wider nasolabial angle, while a straight or downturned nose will have a narrower nasolabial angle.

Nasomental (Mental Angle)

– The angle between your nose, forehead and your chin.

nasomental angle

This angle is affected by the projection and height of your nose. If your nose is flat or your chin is recessed, this angle will not be considered as ‘ideal’.

These angles work together to create the overall shape and appearance of your nose. If you are unhappy with the shape of your nose, nose surgery can help to improve its appearance. Dr Doyle is a specialist plastic surgeon who can provide you with natural-looking results that improve the balance of your facial features.


What Is the Ideal Nose Shape?

The most attractive nose shape is one that is in balance with the rest of your facial features. A nose that is too large or too small can be distracting and take away from your overall look. The perfect nose shape is one that enhances your natural beauty and makes you feel confident.

How to Get a Smaller Nose?

Nose surgery can help to achieve a smaller nose. This is done by reducing the size of the nose bone and/or cartilage. It is important to note that nose surgery should only be performed by a qualified plastic surgeon like Dr Doyle to ensure the best results.

What Are the Different Types of Noses?

According to a research article, there are 12 main types of noses – including hooked, snub and roman noses.

What Is Perfect Face Symmetry?

Facial symmetry is a method that can be used by a plastic surgeon to decide the ideal nose shape. It divides the face into thirds and suggests two main things. It suggests that the length of an ear should be the same as the length of a nose. And, that the width of an eye should be the same as the distance between eyes. Learn more about symmetry and what makes a beautiful nose here.

What Is a Button Nose?

A button nose is a small nose with a rounded tip, usually with a slight upturn. It is the most commonly requested nose shape when it comes to rhinoplasty surgery.

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